Monday, June 8, 2009

They Say the Silliest Things

The other night for dinner we had a salad with grilled salmon and feta cheese (super yummy even though I'm not a huge fish fan). Somehow it came up that feta is goat cheese and it is made from the milk of a goat. Elijah was surprised by this and we went on to explain that all Mammal mommies feed their babies milk so their is panda milk, and cow milk, and dog milk etc. Elijah then asked what the daddies do? Josh and I responded that they don't do anything. Elijah quickly agreed and said "Yeah, when the daddies have an itch they just scratch it." Oh so very true.

Sam took his scriptures to church yesterday. During the Sacrament he was looking at the pictures in the front and Josh pointed out the Gold Plates that Moroni was burying. Sam then asks "Where are the spoons?"

Then this morning Sam came into my room while I was reading my scriptures. I asked him if he wanted to read his with me. He trotted off and got his Book of Mormon (with his name on it) and climbed into bed next to me. He opens up the book and starts looking at all the pictures in the front. He points to Samuel the Lamanite and says "That's Sammy, like me." I say his name is Samuel and he corrects me ands says "NO, Sammy." Eventually he gets to the picture of Moroni burying the gold plates I ask him what Moroni is holding and he says "Gold plates, and forks, and spoons."


Celeste said...

Ha ha that is great. Kids are so cleaver, I love it!!!

The Fullmers Three said...

Too cute!!

Charis said...

he he he, your boys are the cutest! Elijah is so smart, and well Sammy somehow still has a soft spot of mine. . I love that kid. I laughed so hard at the daddy's just scratch.