Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flying Robots

Elijah had yet another idea to "recycle" packaging into a robot costume. Elijah drew the design on paper and I got in on the action this time and together we created robot costumes for Sam and Elijah. We used empty soymilk boxes, alluminum foil, and packing tape. They both look pretty cute together. They've been zooming around the house for a copule of days now. The wings are made of plastic/foamish padding that is bendable which is a good thing cause otherwise they couldn't make it through doorways. Last night they were flying around showing off their costumes to Grammie and Papa on the webcam. It was pretty hilarious. We'll have to get Grandma and Grandpa back on and show them too.

Later Elijah wanted to sit out on the front landing and he dragged some chairs, a box, and art supplies out with him. He was out there for a good while, coming in and out as he wanted. I peeked in on him and found him sitting out there in his robot costume, coloring away with his bunny. What a silly!

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Annabob said...

Too CUTE!!! My nephews are brilliant :)