Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Garden: Update

It's been raining here every day and/or night for the last few weeks. I've been soaking in the cooler weather and the moisture has been nice to have. Yesterday we were rewarded with a large, bright rainbow visible off our balcony. Elijah was super excited (he is still very much into rainbows) and got to take a picture of it. The rainbow was so bright it had a second one above it and repeated itself a bit on the inside. An awesome sight.

While outside I decided to take some pictures of our garden too. Things are thriving in though we haven't produced anything yet. Our peas are taking over the world. There are little vines everywhere trying to latch onto something and not much more room for them to go. I'm hoping it starts producing soon. We also have a lot of buds on our cucumber plants. I thought everything (except the peas) might be a bit bigger by now but I haven't killed anything yet. So far so good.


Annabob said...

Elijah took that picture? Wow he is good! It is fun to see a rainbow from his perspective :)

Celeste said...

Your garden looks a lot better than mine. All of my plants are dying. I think it is because we don't get a lot of sun on our porch. We are facing the wrong way! Oh well I might get a few zuchhini and a yellow pepper. Cross your fingers!!