Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6th Anniversary

This past week Josh and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. I am amazed how the time has flown and how I love that man more than ever. He is my best, truest friend. I absolutely love spending everyday with him and look forword to countless more.

Josh took the day off for our anniversary. We haven't spent an entire day together for months what with work schedules and church callings. It was nice to have a lazy day together as a family. We took the boys to the builders exhibit at the local museum. Josh hadn't been there yet and we enjoyed playing with the boys at the exhibit. At one point they had a ball throwing war going on amid the massive blocks. The boys were in heaven (Josh included). I absolutely love my little family. They are the happiest thing in my life. I'm grateful I get to spend every day with them (I actually missed them while I was at the Expo all day, a little :)) I even enjoyed going out to dinner with all of my boys. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

Josh got me flowers for my anniversary. The next morning Elijah runs into my room and exclaimed "Mom, you have flowers!" He was super excited about them. Later he sat down and drew a picture of them and brought it to me explaining "That when your flowers die you will still have the picture, Mom." Melt my heart! He had sat and studied the flowers and drew every one of them very carefully. It's prettier than the real ones. I really am a lucky girl.


Charis said...

I love it!

Potter Family said...

What a great picture to keep for the boys. How thoughtful he to give you a picture to keep forever. Children are so sweet. I guess we really do need to become like little children. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!