Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning

Last night Benjamin slept 5-6 hours without eating!  Josh and I didn't fair so well.  We were up often because we are used to feedings every 2-3 hours.  But there is HOPE of more sleep in the near future! 

Today is my second day home alone.  Well, not really alone.  It's just Sam, Benjamin and I.  I was up early enough this mornign to get a shower and eat breakfast before Ben woke up.  Everything was going rather smoothly despite Elijah dragging his feet about getting dressed.  Then Ben wanted to eat and of course everything happens at once - ten minutes before we are supposed to leave for school.

Elijah's being squirrlly, half dressed.
Sam's upstairs pooping in the toilet yelling at me that he needs help.
I'm yelling back that I'm coming in just a minute.
And then the person coming today (between 8 and 1) to change our thermostat knocks on the door.

This sets Tilly off barking and whinning.
I have to stop feeding Ben.
Chase down the dog while holding a baby who needs to burp and is spittin up.
Put the baby down and drag the barking dog to her crate (while all this can be seen through my yet to be tinted front windows).
Answer the door and tell the lady that I have school drop off in 10 minutes.
She agrees to wait outside till I get back.
Run upstairs while yelling to Elijah to brush his teeth.
Wipe a bum.
Smack Elijah with the bathroom door because he is hiding behind it instead of brushing his teeth.
Remember the baby is still downstairs on the couch.
Put him in his carseat where he begins to cry.
Tie Elijah's shoes.
Rush everyone out the door and into the car while Elijah is trying to tell me a story about coloring an apple at school with his eyes closed.
Ben crys all the way to and from school.
He finally falls asleep as I'm carrying him in the door.
The lady promptly knocks on my door and is currently doing what she came to do while Sam watches and Ben thankfully is still sleeping in his carseat.

Phew!  I think a nap is in order but as soon as I even sersiously concider sitting down and closing my eyes I know that Ben will be up wanting to finish his breakfast and something else is sure to happen.

Benjamin has his 4 week check up today.  I can't believe it has been FOUR WEEKS.  It has sure been a busy four weeks of family visiting and sight seeing.  It has just flown by.  I'm excited to get our family on a schedule now that things have died down a bit.  Or am I just kidding myself?

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