Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Benjamin: 1 Month Old

Has it really been a month already? In some ways it feels like Benjamin has been here forever but I look at him and I'm amazed that he is already one month old.

He went to the doctor Monday for his checkup. He weighed in at 11 lbs 13 oz! He gained over 2 pounds in three weeks. Evidence that he likes to eat, A LOT! His head is 40 cm and his length is 22.5 inches. Overall a growing, healthy baby.

Benjamin is a good little sleeper, especially during the day giving me time to keep a handle on things around the house. Just this week has started sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night (as opposed the the normal 2-3 hours) so there is even hope for sanity at night!

Ben detests a binky. If you try and put one in his mouth he will give you a look of utter disgust and sometimes gag it out. Instead of calming him down it makes him even more mad. I'm not sure what to think of this. Both Elijah and Sam loved their binkies and I'm afraid I became dependent on them. I'm at a loss of what to do now that Ben refuses. I really hate the idea of being a Mommy binky. We'll see how this works out.

We did manage to get Ben to eat from a bottle. FREEDOM! This is important because I need him (and poor Josh) to be happy while I'm occupied with my Young Women's calling.

Benjamin likes to bounce. Often if he is fussy you can hold him vertical under his arms and bounce him and he will fall asleep. He has a bit of reflux/gas and much prefers to be in the vertical position when being held. He loves to hold your hands. It calms him down. He spits when he gets upset and is gearing up to cry. He loves to look at me through the mirror on the changing table and he enjoys hanging out in his diaper.

I took these pictures last night. I hate using my flash so I have to adjust my settings and play with my really poor lighting hense they are a bit blurry and sometimes grainy, minimal distractions when the subject is so darn cute!


Jean said...

Benjamin is such a handsome little guy ! He looks older than 1 month in these photos. I can see his Daddy in his face. The photo of you and Ben on Sunday is so precious. He is looking you directly in the eye.I am glad you are enjoying him.

Suzanne said...

Ahhhh, congratulations! I didn't even know you were expecting and here he is! So adorable and his brothers are looking so grown up!