Monday, April 6, 2009

Tresh Box

I was getting the photos of my book off my camera and realized there were a few on there from my Utah trip that I haven't posted. Better late than never!

Sam claimed an old tool box that my mother had in her basement as his "Tresh Box". He would carry the heavy box everywhere and had an assortment of treasure inside. He was rather protective of it and when I tried to take pictures of him with is treasure box he quickly ran into the front office and closed the french door. I resorted to taking pictures of him through the windows but it didn't work very well. I would try and crack the door and get around the window glare but Sam would jump up and come a bar my way. Silly Goose!

Eventually he came out and started playing with his treasure again. As soon as I snuck up on him and got a picture he packed up and was on the move again.

His treasure consisted of cars and trucks, balls, dishes, Bekah's favored colt, and other random items.

All of this prompted Grammie to take Sam to the craft store to buy him a tresh box to take home with him. We got a small tin box with a lock and handle and Sam decorated it with Pirate stickers. Granted it isn't as cool or favored as the red beast but Sam was proud of it.

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