Monday, April 6, 2009

Givin them the Run Around

Uncle Brad and Aunt Kristen came to Grandma's house while we were visiting. They quickly got the boys wound up. It started with them chasing each other around the indoor track (ie. through the living room, hall, kitchen, and dining room). Then Brad started running in circles in the living room and Sam kept chasing him, around and around. They did it for 5-10 minutes until Brad fell down tired and dizzy. Sam was no where near tuckered out and tackled and pulled at Brad until he got up and started running again. Elijah joined in on the fun and they were doing it long enough that I caught it on video. Brad sure got his workout for the night and I'm not sure Sam was even winded.

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Charis said...

Ok, both you and Rosalie posted about this, I must have truly missed out. I feel bad. And sad, that I missed out on such a fun night. . . but alas, you got to do what you got to do.