Monday, April 6, 2009

Cuddle Buddy

It isn't often (VERY rare) that Josh takes pictures so I was surprised to find this one on my camera this morning.

Living in Colorado we don't get General Conference on TV like you do in Utah. We watch it on the internet, which has gotten drastically better over the past five years we have lived here (mostly because our moniter and internet connections have improved). Anyway, our computer is located in the master bedroom which means we watch conference from our bed. The downside to this is that it make it very easy and comfortable to fall asleep while watching. Sam and I did just that on Saturday afternoon.

Sam is my little cuddle buddy. To get him to slow down long enough to feel tired for his afternoon nap we do a little cuddle time. He will get his binki and his blanket and come to me and ask "Cuddle Me?" I enjoy the quiet time together with my little buddy. It won't be long and I know that time won't happen anymore so I'm enjoying it while it does.

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The Fullmers Three said...

That is too cute. We too get to watch conference on the Internet. It is a blessing to have the web.