Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Elijah's form of Recycling

There is a Curious George episode that talks about recycling that is on PBS a lot (the downside of Curious George is that they repeat the episodes A LOT). Elijah has caught onto the recycling bug but more in the way of reusing. He latches onto my container garbage and imagines things to make out of it. In particular he likes to reuse boxes, especially the ones that come from Costco. He is really rather creative but the downside is that I always have random boxes floating around my house. Here are three of the things he has recently come up with.

Box Robot
Elijah and Josh worked together to make this. Elijah colored it all himself and Dad helped cut out the holes. He had dreams of attaching other things to it like paper towels rolls, egg cartons, pop bottles, etc but he hasn't gotten them to work yet.

Sled/Hockey Table

This box was quickly claimed as a snow sled. Elijah wanted to get a string to tie to the front of it so he could pull it around in the snow. Well, I don't think there will be anymore snow for a LONG time (hallelujah!) so he has decided to draw trees on it. Sam wanted to color on the box too but his doodles weren't Elijah approved so Elijah drew a circle around them with a line through it. Elijah and Josh played a bit of table hockey on it. Josh started playing with a wood apple from the kitchen toys. That too was not Elijah approved so he had Josh draw a picture of an apple and then Elijah promptly drew a circle around it with a line through it. He's taken to noticing signs with the circle and line through it everywhere - no smoking, no parking, no dogs, etc. I think the plan for the box now is to cut out trees from paper and glue them on somehow. We'll see.

School Bus

I've been going through all the boys cloths which I keep in old diaper boxes and ended up with an extra box that surprise surprise Elijah latched onto. This time he had Sam in on it and the were walking around the house with the box on their heads pretending it was a bus. I jumped on that and together we created a school bus out of the box. The boys helped color the licence plates and Elijah wrote the number 42 on the side (4 for Elijah and 2 for Sam). They are quite fond of the bus, unfortunately there can only be one driver and they fight over it constantly. They will both get in the bus and try and drive different directions usually ending up in a fussy pile of legs and wheels. Needless to say the bus gets put in the "bus garage" frequently. They do have some pretty cute moments in the bus though.

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Charis said...

I like Elijah's smile in the first picture. it is way cute