Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Well, I did it. I succumbed to peer pressure

I joined facebook today. And many of you already know this fact because you are on there yourself.

(I know Charis, I read all your comments on Rosie's blog and the post on your own but I still went ahead and did it).

I've been hearing so much about facebook and how I should join and how addicting it is, etc... The only thing that really held me back is the potential for addiction, I have enough distracting me from my kids and home as it is (blogging being one). There was one thing that pushed me over to the dark side though. I was asked to do a demonstration/information table at our Stake Family History Conference next month focusing on blogging and family history. The idea is very exciting to me so I was surfing around last night on all the family history blogs I've been neglecting and came upon a description of a facebook app called "We're Related". Apparently it is an application that helps you connect with your relatives that are also on facebook and build family trees. The idea really intrigues me.

Anyway, so I'm trying to learn the ropes of facebook. Bare with me as I catch on. We'll see if I become an addict or not.


Becca said...

I've found the We're Related Application interesting, too. Sometimes I don't like it because it's kind of buggy and slow (the developers need to work on this), but it's cool to see the family tree on Facebook.

I haven't found Facebook any more addictive than the rest of the internet. Hopefully you won't either! Although it might be nice if it was less addictive than the rest of the internet...

The Fullmers Three said...

Cool, let me know how it goes. Be careful though. We were going to start FaceBook accounts, until we saw in the Terms and Conditions that Facebook reserves the right to publish anything that you post on your account with out your permission. For some reason that swayed me away from FB for the time being. I still might start one, who knows.

Charis said...

don't worry, you can take as long as you would like. . . i won't care if you totally neglect your facebook. . . i will never know :)