Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Name Book

Elijah has a hard bound Book of Mormon with his full name engraved on the cover. He rought it with us to Grammie's house and has been using it for family scripture study. Sam had become very interested and even jealous of Elijah's book so Grammie decided we should get Sam a book of his own. I explained to him that we would go to the store and get him his own Book of Mormon and put Sammyon it. I then turned to go get ready to go and Sam, still holding Elijah's book, clearly said "Shammy". I couldn't believe my ears, did he really say his name? He then repeated it for me, "Sham".

Finally! The kid has been able to recoginze and spell his name for months but has refused to say it out loud. Last week I was writing his name for him on Grandma's big white board. He would tell me the letters and then I would ask what it said. Sam would say "Me" and I would say "No, this is how you write me... M E". He would then point to what I had written and say "You" and I woud say "No, this is how you write you... Y O U" and he would respond by pointing and saying "Me". The boy is smart and stubborn.

Anyway, it was the thought of getting a book like Elijah's with his name on it that got Sam to actually say his name. He carried his shopping basket around proudly with his Book of Mormon in it. He was very excited when we got it back and it had his name on it. When we got home he would sit and hug it. I pray that his love for the book will grow even more as he comes to know the words that are found inside.


Charis said...

I love sammy. He makes me very happy, he has got the cutest personality of anyone I know. and now I sit here and weep for unknown reasons at this simple story. . . I must be really stressed, my emotions are way too close to the surface. But I do love sammy

bekki said...

That is so sweet! What a wonderful story he has to always remember his beginning experiences with The Book of Mormon. :)