Friday, March 20, 2009

"Shnowman" Song

Sam has started talking in sentences. It really has come on all of a sudden in the last few weeks and is very exciting. It is so fun to hear what is going on in that little man's head. He is so cute!

Along with talking he has started singing. I believe all his songs are from nursery, they aren't ones that we sing around the house very often (at least the didn't used to be but are sung often now). His repertoire includes "Knees and Toes", "Shnowman", and the Wise Man and the Foolish Man "House... Rock".

Grammie has a folk harp and Sam has adopted it as his and multiple times has dragged people into the room so that he can perform a singing show. He gets really serious about it. He will adjust the music stand, turn the pages in the hymn book, take a big sigh, strum the harp and then begin to sing.

The snowman song includes the words "showman" "tall" "sun" "melt" and "small". There are also actions involved. He will stick out his elbows and twist his body as he says "melt, melt, melt" among other actions.

The wise man and the foolish man include the words "house" "rock" "rain down" "flood up" and "sand". He really gets into the actions for the house, rock, rain and flood.

Knees and Toes he likes to do "fast" and he will point out his knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

It excites me to see him enjoying music so much. I am grateful for nursery leaders that have created an environment where he is soaking all this stuff in. He loves it and it makes me happy to hear his little voice.

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Anna said...

How fun to see what he is learning! Scout went through the same thing, her favorites are snowman and popcorn, and she is always teaching me new verses to the wheels on the bus. Your boys are too cute, I love the bathtub photos!