Friday, March 20, 2009

Rock Show

Today we went to the Timpanogos Gem and Mineral Show at the fair grounds. Elijah went with a mission to find a volcano rock (we've been on a volcano fix lately in his pictures etc). Most of the show consisted of venders selling cool rocks but there were some cool cases and rocks to touch.
Elijah found a green "gem" that he really wanted when we walked in. I told him we would walk around and see what else was there and if he wanted anything else. We were there probably an hour and at the end the green gem is what he wanted. He proudly carried it around in his bag.

Sam picked out a blue grab bag of random rocks. The man we bought it from had us open it and he told us what the rocks were and gave Sam a magnifying glass to look at them with. Sam really enjoyed it and even showed Elijah one of his rocks under the magnifying glass. Since we got home he is povery protective of his bag of rocks.

I fell in love with some cool egg shaped rocks, perfect for Easter. One of them is a limestone with a bunch of tiny fossils in it. I'm excited to take them home and add them to my Easter/Spring decorations.

There also was a guy going around in a HUGE dinosaur puppet. The boys were glued and Sam was a bit intimidated by it. No wonder, he would come up to you and put his teeth around your head!

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