Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kid K'nex

I found a couple small sets of Kid K'nex at a consignment store out here in Utah last week. We pulled them out the other day and Elijah has been having a lot of fun with them. My friend Christina recommended them and I second the recommendation. Some of the pieces are a rubbery plastic and others are a harder plastic. They interconnect rather easily without coming apart too easily (the curse of toddler toys for parents is having to do it over and over and over again). There are also so unique pieces like eyes, flippers, horns, etc that come with the different sets.

One of our sets came with the original paper that shows multiple ideas of what you can make with the pieces. Elijah has had fun trying to reproduce the pictures. He has also branched out and created some interesting things that he has dubbed as random items. He and Sam have been carrying some around like they are flowers and giving them to me and my mother.

I actually came up with the glasses idea with the random eyes. Elijah was more than willing to model them for me. I think the set off his blue eyes rather nicely.
I also go the cute picture of Elijah without the glasses. Isn't he just a handsome little man. He is growing up so fast! It amazes me.

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