Monday, August 11, 2008

I guess I'm IT

I've been tagged by my cousin Rachel

The story of 3's and ME
3 Joys
  • my three boys:Josh, Elijah, and Sam
  • my family
  • family history

3 Fears

  • failure
  • death of a loved one, especially one of my three boys
  • embarassing myself
3 Goals
  • be more patient with my boys
  • get more sturcture in my day with sleep, menus, activites, etc
  • be healther
3 Obsessions
  • internet i.e. blogging and email
  • bargin shopping including garage sales
  • yarn
3 Random Facts
  • I'm a sentimental pack rat. Everything has some sort of sentimental value and I just couldn't possibly get rid of it including the straw wrapper from when Josh and I were dating.
  • I live in my Crocs. I have two pair that I trade off depending on whether I'm wearing brown or black. You can bet your money that the first thing I do when I get out of bed is put on my crocs.
  • I love Minute Maid Calcium +D Orange Juice with low pulp. None of the imitations (except maybe western family which I can't get in Colorado) will do. Nothing starts off my morning like a small glass of OJ, as long as it's the right kind.
I tag Charis, Ashley and Cami


Hollie said...

Hey Sarah, you have a super cute blog. I'll have to talk to you about family history sometime. It was fun meeting you and your family tonight. Oh, and you need to let me know where the good garage sales are at around here:)

Quinn and Ashley said...

So what Ashley are you talking about???