Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christmas Shopping via Garage Sales

The Christmas shopping spree has officially started. Let the planning begin!

I found a couple things today and yesterday for my boys that I am stashing for birthdays/Christmas. Last year I had great luck finding things for the family at garage sales for a fraction of the original cost. Many times you can find things in new or near new condition. It's also a great place to look for stocking stuffers super cheap!

Happy Hunting to you!

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Charis said...

So what did you get them for christams. We found Michael's Christmas present from Santa Clause this year in the dump by Craig's work... it was FREE! YEAH for Free good stuff! It is a dirt bike in nice condition, it needs new tires and possibly a new seat... which all is easy and it will be great, he needs a new bike.

Kendell's santa clause present was given to us by my mother's neighbors and has actually already been used by my mother at family parties... it is a cute set of little chairs and a bench, I am going to get a table and some dishes to go with them!

I hope to find something for Craig, but we will see. :)