Monday, August 11, 2008

The Curse of Incompetence

Our lease is up the end of September so we have been having contact with our management about renewing it. When we signed our current lease they would only let us sign for 10 months because of the new management that was working on renivating all of the apartments. We were told that we would then be bumped out of our apartment so that they could renivate it and the rent would go up $200+. That would have put this place out of our price range which made me stressed and nervous because I hate the thought of looking for a new place and then moving. UGH!

Anyway, so we waited anxiously for our renewal letter to come out the end of July. When it came it gave us the option of staying in our current, unrenivated apartment but with a rent raise of $65 a month. Josh went down (while I was still in Utah) and attempted to negotiate the rent with them to no success except for a $100 credit on our first month's rent. We settled for that (it was easier than moving) and waited for the lease to come so we could sign it. But get this...when we did get a copy of the lease to sign the rent wasn't adjusted up. We thought, okay we can run with this, signed it and sent it back. A few days later we received a notice on our door saying we needed to sign a lease by the 10th of August and that they wouldn't change the rent and would give us $150 off our first month's rent.

Josh went down with the letter on Saturday to figure out what was going on but there wasn't anyone there that was capable of helping him. They called me this morning and said they would give us the $150 with no rent hike and send us a copy of our lease. I will be amazed if we get it without asking again.

Let's just say that our management is VERY incompetent. They are the biggest reason I would not recommend our apartment complex.

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The Fullmers Three said...

I am sorry about your whole mess. Not fun. However, as a manager myself, I could see this something like that could happen. You would be amazed at how busy things are when you are running an apartment complex. I am glad you wrote about this, so that I can be more cognitive about things here.