Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family History Friday: where have I been?

My mother brought it to my attention yesterday that I haven't done Family History Friday for a couple weeks now and she has missed it. SORRY! I completely forgot yesterday. I just haven't had time lately to do much family history and have completely spaced my weekly post.

I couldn't tell you exactly what it is I have been doing though. I guess I've been reading (Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell-an excellet book despite the cut off ending. Gaskell actually died before she completely finished it) and crocheting on top of my regular duties around the house. I've also been going through my massive photo database picking out and cleaning up photos to be printed (and eventually scrapbooked). I was successful in getting some printed yesterday along with some large prints of the amazing pictures that Angie took a few months back. I'm now working on getting them framed and hung. I'll be sure to share how they look hung up; I'm very excited about my Hobby Lobby clearance frames.

Oh, I did do a garage sale with my friend Cecilia last week (sadly this weekend is being rained out for any garage saleing. It's been raining solid for two days which rarely happens in Colorado). We did it last Friday morning and it was great fun! We had a fairly good turnout and I made $30+ off just random stuff around the house. Unfortunatly I still came home with a lot of stuff unsold. There might have to be a follow up sale in a few weeks. It was interesting being on the other side-selling instead of buying. I was grateful that Cecilia was there and speaks spanish.

I've been sitting on a few posts that hopefully I'll get done this weekend. One about our Olympic Opening Ceremony Party and another on my cool new crochet book and projects.

this week I will try and get a post ready for Family History Friday.

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