Friday, August 13, 2010

Puppy Love

We haven't been doing much this month, and I haven't taken a lot of pictures.  But I have caught a few of Matilda in her cute puppiness.

Sam can be a bit physical with Tilly but I often catch him being really sweet with her too.  She was laying on the floor and Sam went and cuddled up with her and is watching a movie.  Pretty sweet.

Tilly has adopted our old brown chair.  It sits in front of our big sliding glass door/window.  She will sit on it looking over the arm rest and watch our neightbors.  You will also often find her sleeping in it.
Often in the most random positions.  Oh what a care free life.

I also had to snap this picture of Josh and Matilda.  When I did it he made some remark about using it for blackmail.  Josh really is sweet on that puppy.  That are a cute duo not to mention he is a handsome man!


Jean said...

Tilly is such a sweet little girl. Sam looks like he cuddled with a big soft teddy bear. Even Josh looks comfortable holding her.

Rebekah said...

Tilly is such a cute little dog,so quirky and so carefree.I cant wait to meet her!!