Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Okay, this post is long overdue.  The boys painted these back in June for their room and for Josh for Father's Day.  They've been floating around since then and I finally broke down and took pictures of them.  Elijah and Sam were sure excited to paint on the special "paper."  They each drew a rough draft of their picture on paper first and then they painted it on the canvas.  They were very serious about the whole process. 

Elijah's Masterpieces:
He chose to paint a rocket for his bedroom.  He designed and painted it all by himself.

For Josh he painted a picture of them together.  Again all by himself including the star and the heart and five fingers.

Sam's Masterpieces:
Sam painted a "Cleaner" Robot for his bedroom.  This painting just makes me smile!

For Josh he painted a picture of himself (yellow) and another robot.


Susan said...

so cute!! I really like that rocket!

Strong Family said...

Wow, that's talent!