Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Coolest Thing" They've Ever Seen

Earlier this week our neighbor across the street had a company come a cut down one of his trees.  We're talking a BIG tree.  The diameter at the base was probably close to 2 feet.  It took 5-6 guys about as many hours to get it cut into pieces and most of it mulched to tiny bits.  It was really an interesting process involving one guy up in the tree and many others manning ropes from below.

Anyway, they pulverized most of the tree that same day but left two large sections of the trunk in the front yard until yesterday when a big truck came to get them.  The truck is what totally fascinated the boys.  It had a huge orange claw that picked up the tree trunks and delicately placed them on the bed of the truck.  The boys were glued to the window (with it's newly installed blinds, I might add).  They were very excited about it and repeatedly commented that it was the coolest thing they have ever seen.  Sadly the show didn't last that long.  In nothing flat the logs were in place and the truck was on it's way.

(Sam is under his still beloved blanket, "BB".  He was pretending it was his long beautiful hair when the truck show began.  I've tried stashing the blanket but he always realizes when it's gone and hunts for it.  Silly kid.)


Jean said...

You have to admit that the truck is awesome! Jessica's Nathan is totally excited about vehicles, especially big ones.

Charis said...

I want to move to maryland. . . look how pretty it is!