Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sam Sam the Dancin' Man

This morning Sam and I had fun dancing to our little toy piano. It's a little aligator piano made by Little Tikes that has a demo mode that plays random songs. It was Sam's idea to dance. He would hit a key to start a song and dance for a bit then run and hit another key for a different song. We danced slow, fast, on our toes, marching, like butterflies and planes; we danced ourselves silly. And after mom was all tuckered out and dizzy Sam did a solo show, that's when I ran to grab the camera. Somewhere Sam got the idea of rolling around on the floor doing dance moves. He dubbed it the noodle soup dance. (Warning: these are mostly for the benifit of the Grandparents, though I personally think they are super cute!)

You probably notice Sam is wearing a pull-up. The kid loves to wear them but he is not potty trained, YET. He goes pee pee in the potty probably 2 times a day and as a reward gets to wear the "big boy pants".

Now that I think about it, Sam might have picked up his floor moves from watching gymnastics on tv last Saturday. Hmm... interesting.


chrisy said...

What a cute boy! Do I have the cutest grandkids or what?

Pratt Family said...

Go Sam're a dancing machine. Too bad the video didn't include mommy dancing as well, hehe..someone's got to video right? Good luck with the slow attempting process of potty-training.