Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Love Day to YOU!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day on Saturday and put to use some of Chrisy's wonderfully creative ideas from her HOT blog Let Me Count The Ways. Saturday was actually a bumb day for us, Josh worked ALL day and got home late. Blahhh. He did redeem himself yesterday though with an amazing steak and shrimp dinner.

Elijah worked hard this week to make his Valentines for school. He decided to do the Butterfly Sucker Valentines from Skip to My Lou. We printed them out and I cut them out while Elijah got to work writing his name on the back --21 times. It took me a few days to coax him into doing all of them but he did make it. He then put stickers on the butterfly wings and glued eyes on the suckers. He was very excited about how they turned out and very proud when he passed them out to all his schoolmates.

Sam wanted in on the action while Elijah and I were working on gluing on the eyes so I cut out a heart for him to decorate. He had so much fun using the glue to put eyes and trinkets on his heart. He did it all by himself and was more than happy to let me take pictures of his finished valentine.

Thank you to Grammie and Grandma who sent packages. The boys loved their valentine surprises! We LOVE you very much!

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Charis said...

Elijah, I am very impressed with your butterfly valentines! They are so cute, I am sure your classmates loved them.

Sammy, your heart was very innovative. who did you end up giving your heart to for valentines?