Thursday, February 5, 2009

The BEST food with the BEST Boys!

For Josh's birthday we all went out to eat at our favorite Arabic restaurant Ali Baba Grill. The food there is heaven and we go there every chance we get. We both always order the King Combo which comes with a little of everything. I love the Kobideh kabab and the falafel. Mouth watering! I had my camera with me that night so I snapped some cute pictures of my dates.

We chose to sitt in the upper room with the couches and low tables. The ceiling is drapped with fabric and the walls are covered with intricate Middle Eastern art and decor. Elijah is lounging on the couch while waiting for our food. There is a fountain in the middle of the room that kept Sam occupied when he got bored with dinner. (Isn't the birthday boy just the handsomest! I love that man!)


The Fullmers Three said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Joshy!

Angie Wilson said...

Mmmmm....sounds so yummy! Thanks for the link...I think I may just take my boys there for dinner sometime!