Saturday, October 26, 2013


After an unnerving wake up call-- yep, the fire alarm went off minutes before my phone alarm was to go off.  Talk about a rude awakening and an adrenaline rush to start off your day, and a yummy breakfast of apple cinnamon waffles (yes, I recommend the hotel despite the wake up call), we were off to Charlottesville to see Monticello, Michie Tavern, and Ash Lawn-Highland. 

It was interesting to do the tours again for Montpelier and Monticello and have different guides.  You get a slightly different perspective.  I wouldn't be opposed to going again.

 The view from the top of the little mountain is stunning and the boys I get to hang out with are rather handsome too!
 View from Mulberry row down into the gardens and across the landscape.
 The back side of Monticello.
 Ben taking time to smell the flowers.  Sniff Sniff

And we discovered last time we were at here (and roasting from the heat) the Monticello Root Beer.  We had to get it again.  It was that memorable and quite tasty.  And Elijah and Sam were more than willing to model it.

Okay, Sam is playing it up.  That man is a total goof.  Hmm, wonder where he gets that... NOT!

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