Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Stroll

It was a perfect day to be outside when we visited Charlottesville, Virginia.  After we found the chickens at Monroe's house we explored a little bit further in the fall sunshine.  I can claim to have the cutest little family!

 Elijah and Sam helping Ben over the cow grate.  Little Ben's feet were too small to walk over it by himself.
 Elsa loved her perch on daddy's shoulders, especially after being in the stroller a lot of the day.  She found out she could use daddy's ears as handles.

 We came across a cow while on our stroll. (you can kind of see him)
 Love Elsa's face.  She is such a Strong.
 And very please with herself.

I really am so blessed to have four beautiful, happy children and a wonderful, loving husband! 

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