Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elsa is 10 Months

Okay, so I took these pictures this past week.  So technically she is more like 10.5+ months but that's how we are rolling right now.
A lot of progress has happened this month as far as mobility.  Elsa has become quite fast at the army crawl and pretty much goes wherever she wants-ish.  She is also pulling up on most anything which often gets her in interesting predicaments.  This week she discovered she could stand up in her crib.  I happened to be in the room and saw how very proud of herself she was so I ran and grabbed the camera to catch her cute expressions.  LOVE that girl!

Love this look of concentration.  She's been doing it more and more.  She also has been doing a big cheesy grin with her eyes squinted shut but it's just a flash of a smile and I haven't been able to really catch it yet.

Yay, something to teeth on.  She still only has her bottom two teeth.  I swore her top two were coming in a week or so ago, we had some crabby evenings, but they are taking their time and have yet to cut through.
Love the little fingers!
And dimpled knuckles

She is jabbering a lot more (when I can get her to keep that thumb out of her mouth) and I'm beginning to think she has "words" for Mom, Dad, Dog, More, and All Done.  It could be my imagination though :) we'll see.
Elsa loves her brothers.  Her face brightens whenever she sees them.  She also loves to read books and play with Ben's cars (a rare, supervised treat). 

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