Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playground Playing

The weather has been gorgeous the past few weeks and we have been doing a lot of walking to and from schools (up to three times a day).  Our afternoon routine has become walk Sam to school at 12:15, come home and put Ben down for his nap, wake up Ben at 2:30 and go to pick up Sam from school, play at the Tot Lot for 45 minutes, walk to the Elem. School to get Elijah, play on the playground there for another 15 minutes, then walk home and crash - I mean start making dinner.  Exhausting!

Here are a few pictures of us waiting for Elijah to get out of school.  I love Ben's expressions.

Until recently Ben has been content to sit in the stroller.  He has now discovered the joys of the playground and has been gaining confidence climbing and going down the slides.  Ben has also seen all the older boys running around with sticks and often has a stick in his own hand.

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Charis said...

they are too cute! I miss you guys so much. Ben looks so much older in the last month or so. . . compare his pictures now, to the ones at christmas... my goodness, he has gotten old!