Monday, April 2, 2012

A Beautiful day at Mount Vernon- George Washington's Home

This was the second time we have visited Mount Vernon since we have lived here, the first being when Ben was about a week old. Last time it was humid and HOT but today was very pleasant. We weren't the only one's that thought so and the estate was rather crowded today. We still had a very enjoyable visit and all came home happy and with sore feet.

front porch of Mount Vernon

I think Ben's favorite part was the gravel pathways.  He was constantly stopping to run his fingers in the dirt and pick up the tiny pebbles. 

Sadly we missed the Cherry Blossoms in DC this year (the weather was so mild they bloomed early this year) but there were a few beautiful trees on the estate.

More rocks in his hands.

Mount Vernon is partly a working farm.  They have beautiful gardens and at this time of year have a large flock of baby lambs.  They were adorable!

Tulip Poplar planted in 1785 by George Washington

Proof that I was there too!

There's the best thing there and I actually got to bring him home with me!  Isn't he handsome?

And yes I do have two more adorable children other than Ben, they just are harder to catch on the camera (especially Sam)

Beautiful tulips outside the estate.   Ben is holding his souviner duckling.  He was so excited about it and was quacking and quacking.  We have been singing the Five Little Ducks song lately and he loves it.

Smelling the flowers

Sam being goofy in front of the camera.  I love that little man.

And if you ever leave Mount Vernon starving like we were, be sure to look up the restuarant Thai Nakorn (8733 Cooper Rd #F Alexandria,VA22309).  It was delicious!  We all especially liked their massaman curry.  There was hardly a drop left of it by the time we left

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Charis said...

Lucy appriciats the pictures of Ben, She says,
Yeah Ben! Look there Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! so it was very ok with her that you had lots of pictures of Ben!