Monday, March 5, 2012

Baltimore Zoo

We had a sunny Saturday a few weeks ago and made an excursion to the Baltimore Zoo with the boys.  It was a perfect day and we all came home happy and exhausted.  Here are a few pictures.
My favorite picture of Ben from the day.  My sister Anna made the Yoda hat for him for Christmas.  He happily wears it everywhere.  I love his blue eyes!

I always have to sneak a picture of Sam. He is so much like his mother.

My four African Penguins

My three cute little birdies sitting in a nest

Three silly gophers popping out of their hole.  Ben thought this was hilarious.  He was with me watching them pop out.

They have a large selection of farm animals and a petting part where you can go in among the goats.  Ben was in HEAVEN.  He wasn't afraid a bit and was eager to pet all of the goats.  Luckily he has learned (from Tilly our dog) the importance of being soft.  I was taking a video of Ben petting the goats and got blindsided by a goat that rammed me.  It totally caught me of guard.  Watch out for those goats!

The Baltimore Zoo is a small zoo and we were able to see all the animals that were out in a few hours.  We plan on going back again.  I think Ben and I will have some good walks through that zoo in the future.

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