Monday, January 18, 2010

Private Showing

The boys got a doorway puppet theater for Christmas and finally got the chance to try it out today.  They haven't quite figured out the whole storyline/conversation process.  Mostly it was just puppets popping up and making funny sounds and then disappearing again.  Elijah kept asking me what time it was and how to change the clock on the front to match the time.  I think it's a hit and look forward to many more private shows put on by the cutest boys I know.

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Charis said...

Kendell woke up yesterday morning calling, "mama, Mama" very happy which is rather odd for her, normally she cries until someone comes and gets her. . . i walked in and she said, "Mama, Elijah come today!" she was very insistant that Elijah was coming. she started to cry when I told her that Elijah was not coming, and she finally believed me. she really does miss your boys.