Friday, January 22, 2010


I thought being in Limbo was a familiar feeling as we tredged through last year with job searches and graduation, but that had nothing on the limbo I am feeling now. 

Everything worked really smoothly to get us here to Maryland and I am ever so grateful for that.  Josh's job is paying for us to live in temporary housing while we work on getting into a house.  They have us covered for the first 60 days of room and board.  This is a pretty nice set up and is saving us money but has proven to come with some unforseen "costs".  We pulled up our roots in Colorado and because we are in temporary housing I have yet to be able to really put our roots back down.  It's an aweful feeling.  I don't know if, where or when to put the boys in preschool, I'm afraid I'm getting attached to our ward, I haven't changed my address with anyone (it's all just getting forwarded), I'm excited about our house but afraid to get too attached in case it doesn't end up working out, etc...  I'm pretty much just existing and living off of high calorie restaurant food.  Blehh!  I'm going to have to break down and stock the kitchen.

I kept saying if I could make it through graduation and the move all would be good.  Well, now I'm saying if I can make it through to the end of February...  I wonder what it will be next.


Happy Home said...

We are already attached! Good thing you aren't moving too far away!


Sarah said...

Elijah and Sam talk about Luke and Jacob all the time. It's amazing how well they clicked.

Charis said...

limbo is rough. But try and figure out how to enjoy it, because like you said, i wonder what will be next. if we all live for tomorrow we miss out on today. . . i know it sounds so cliche but it is so true. the country song "You're going to miss this" by trace adkins is so perfect.

Charis said...

oh another good song is Darryl Worley - Sounds Like Life To Me. That is one of my new favorites. It makes me think everytime I hear it. I quite like it. I am sure you have heard both of them, but if not, go check them out.

Charis said...

I fixed my picture so that if you click on it you can actually see the floor plan. Sorry that it wasn't working before.