Monday, January 18, 2010

First time on the Metro

Despite my dragging my feet, Josh got all of us out the door and onto the METRO for the first time on Saturday.  It was a bit too spontaneous for me but Josh was very determined and in the end I was happy that we all went.    It turned out to be a quick afternoon trip to the Museum of Natural History at the Mall that we all enjoyed and are sure to repeat soon.

My boys infront of two Giant Sloth skeletons.  I've heard of giant sloths but didn't realize the "giant" was ment in relation to humans.  Wow!

Sam wanted to take some pictures of a massive whale that was hanging from the ceiling.  While I was helping him I turned the camera and grabbed a shot of the two of us.

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Charis said...

Kendell misses your boys! she was so excited just now to see pictures. While they were here I spent some time baby sitting them. We spent lots of time on the internet looking at pictures of the beach in maryland and learning about the marine life where you live. Elijah was most interested. it says there are dolphins in maryland! I am jealous! I want to see a dolphin.