Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Star Wars Tribute... Needs your VOTE

Check out this video performance of a Star Wars Tribute by an acapella group called Moosebutter. A friend of ours is one of the group members who helped write and sing this song. It's quite a creative song.

After you see the movie and have the song stuck in your head go vote for it for the CBS People's choice award.

1.Go to http://www.pcavote.com/

2. Enter the security code

3. Look at the nominations for 'user generated videos' and pick one (the video's appear in the next set so click "next set")

Enjoy and thanks for voting!


I need to Clarify: The person in the video is actually lip-singing the song. The actual voices you hear are from the group Moosebutter, one of which used to be in our Ward.

Did you VOTE? you can vote again! EVERYDAY


Becca said...

I saw this last week! It's really funny!

Charis said...

are they all the same guy?

ali said...

OMG do you know that guy? He looks vaguely familiar... thanks for the LOL!!!

Rebekah said...

I absolutely loved this song!!!
It was so funny!!
But I had the same question as Charis,
um are they the same guy??