Monday, December 8, 2008

Deck the Halls

I've also been busy transforming my home with my Christmas decorations. I LOVE Christmas lights all over my living room. Thanks to the boys I have them on all day and I love it! I also have nativity scenes all over of various sizes. I'm a big fan of the Little People nativity. My kids love playing with it. They have new additions to the set availible this year that I have been drooling over (hmm... after Christmas sales, maybe). I've also been busy making stuff for family and friends with more to be made, I hope I get it all done. Maybe I'll actually finish my Christmas stockings this year. Here are some pictures I took today using the candlelight mode on my camera and descriptions of some of my decorations. I love the way the camera mode captures the "mood" of the Christmas lights.

I have a collection of Christmas books that I get out every year and add to most every year. I wrap them up and the boys get to open a book (this year one each) every day and we read them before bedtime. I have them tucked under my large buffet with icicle lights amungst them. I also have my big ceramic nativity lanterns on either side with some lights tucked in them.

I have many of my nativities on a tall black shelf. The lower shelves have nativities for the children to play with including the Little People one. The Christmas plates are from a yearly series, one from the year I was born and one from the year Daniel was born.

We finally decorated our tree last night. It has been up for about a week without anthing on it but lights. The picture is what the result was with the kids doing a majority of the ornaments. I have yet to move any of them around, and I'm not sure I even will.

Christ is the reason for the season and my Christus statue is displayed near the front door. It is because He lives that we have reason to celebrate His birth.

I'm very fond of my Willow Tree nativity and it sits front and center on top of my buffet.

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Susan said...

I really like your idea of wrapping up the Christmas books to be opened each night. thanks! You are a such a clever mommy.