Sunday, November 3, 2013

Can it be November Already?

I realize that Halloween is always the last day in October but some how this year the fact that November starts the day after just kind of snuck up on me.  I guess part of that could be that I have been sick most of this past week (poor Elsa and I both have a NASTY cough-- she is so pitiful it breaks my heart) and have spent a lot of time moping on the couch reading teen fiction.

Anyway, I'm reminded everyday of how much I am blessed and it being November and all I wanted to jump [back]on the whole gratitude bandwagon and "verbally" express what I am grateful for.  Remember when I used it do it all to time... way back in the day when this blog was young and well used?

So, since I'm behind the times (and honestly I will probably get behind again) here are my list for the past few days...

1. I am grateful for a loving husband who takes care of me when I am sick and even more grateful that he takes care of everyone else while I'm miserable on the couch.

2. Fall sunshine shinning through the trees!  I love a sunny fall day when the trees are on fire and it's raining leaves and the air is filled with the sound of my children happily rustling and crunching through the piles as they rake and jump over and over again.

3. "Falling Back" when I wake up feeling like I am ahead of the game instead of already falling behind and have extra time to spend with my family on a quiet Sunday morning (and time to actually write a blog post).

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