Monday, May 10, 2010


I came downstairs this morning to find my boys huddled around the coffee table doing this:
We have been playing a lot of Uno lately.  Sam especially likes it.  He will ask Josh to play and Josh will try to put him off but Sam won't take No for an answer and Josh is great at giving in. 

Both Elijah and Sam completely understand the rules and are able to play by themselves with very little help.  Elijah manages to hold all his cards in his hands but Sam lays them all out on the table.  The boys do really well at holding their own and often they win.  Elijah is very competitive and has had struggles with completing some games because it's not going his way.  He is really sweet though and always appologizes when he plays a card that makes me draw a card.  He's not so nice to Josh and Sam.

It's pretty exciting that the boys are getting old enough to play games that are actually entertaining to their parents.  We proudly start our gamers young!


Charis said...

I love that he appologizes to you, but not to josh and sam! What a good son you have!

Jean said...

I'm wondering if our wax paper boxes on tinfoil boxes would help Sam hold his cards. We used them for Robert and I just taught our little Kaitlin how to use them to hold her cards. Love the photos.

Jean said...

Oh my, I just reread my comment. Two errors- use your wax paper or your tinfoil boxes for card holders.Sorry about that. Love you.