Thursday, May 13, 2010

Never Again

The boys and I went to the mall yesterday to check out a Gymberee sale (clearance + 30%off).  I found some cute things for bambino #3 and a few things for the boys for school next year. 

Anyway, while we were at the mall we passed the Motherhood Maternity store.  I've been looking for a cute, cool dress to wear this summer and decided I'd brave it real quick with the boys.

Never Again.

Thank goodness we were the only ones in the store and that the sole clerk was busy on the phone or I would have been TOTALLY embarassed.

While I was checking out the sale racks Sam was checking out the nursing bras and exclaiming "Mom, you have one of these!" and of course wouldn't stop touching them all when I noticed what he was doing.  Then, despite the signs, I decided to try on a couple dresses.  I herded the boys into the dressing room while Elijah complained "Are we going to see you naked?" -um... NO.  I tried on a dress over my undershirt and pants and Elijah innocently says "That doesn't look good Mom."  I agreed but not sure I needed him announcing it.  Meanwhile Sam is keeping himself busy licking the mirror.

All of this might have been worth it if I had found something I liked, but no such luck.  The search goes on and next time I will do it without my two little shadows.


chrisy said...

I have to disagree. It was worth it. The whole story made me laugh! Sorry it was at your expence, but thanks for sharing it.

Quinn and Ashley said...

Oh Sarah. I miss you. Try t-shirt dresses. What I mean is take one of your old shirts and cut it of about 2"-3" below your bust. Sew on some fatty 1 1/2"-2" elastic. Then add a circle skirt or a fuller skirt onto the elastic as well. For lack of a better example:

I just made one for myself. I defiantly plan on wearing it when it is 115 degrees this summer

Charis said...

um. . .hilarious. . . funny enough that I brought Craig in to share your post with him. He laughed too, I agree with my mother, well worth every momment, because I laughed and laughed.

Jessica said...

Oh my - I can only imagine the "fun" you were having. Let me know what size maternity clothes you're wearing and I'll try to dig out my maternity stuff . . . I've got many (many) sizes and most seasons covered! Glad to see you blogging again too!!

Anna said...

It's so hard to go clothes shopping with kids! I totally feel your pain, I think I try something like that at least once a week. When will I learn? Good luck finding something summery!