Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Artists

Elijah does most of his art fresh out of his head.  He has an amazing imagination.  I'm constantly coming across something he drew and saying "Wow!".  I found a couple more pictures of his that I had set aside:
This one I just came across and was wow-ed.  When I caught him later and asked what it was he said it was a puzzle.  You were supposed to look at the picture and the items in the circles and check the one that was missing in the picture.  The circles are: bones (with the check), heart, blood (notice it is blue and red), and brain.  I don't know where he came up with that.  He's seen it in some of our books but those have been packed away for months.  Yeah, I don't know... it just blows me away.

This one is a picture of a Chickadee (as written up top) that Elijah copied the features from a photo online.  Elijah came to me one morning and said we should go outside and look for chickadees in our trees.  I asked him what a chickadee looked like, he didn't know so we looked it up online.  We ended up on a cool website that had photos and recordings of their sounds.  Elijah then trotted off and decided to draw a chickadee picture and then wrote about it underneath.  "Small blackcapped with black bib.  Habitat is trees and shurbs"

Meanwhile, I'm writting this post and Sam has cozied up on the chair and fell asleep.  I guess he aproves.


Cheeseboy said...

Hey, that is pretty great art, and I should know, I teach First Grade

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