Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look what I've got!


Spring is popping up all over here.  Many of the trees are starting to bloom and there are flowers blooming all over including in MY yard!  I've never been able to say that before.  The yard in general is a BIG mess.  There are sticks, nuts, bricks and glass all over the place not to mention the entire thing is mud.  But we do have one bright spot, there's a group of dafadils blooming outside my window.

Today I also welcomed so new friends into my house.  They plan on staying a good long while and I think they will make our house a lot more cozy. 

They are actually our FIRST ever furniture purchase from an actual furniture store.  Up until now all of our furniture has been from garage sales, friends, family or purchased from Walmart and Target.  It also means that these cost a lot more that any things else we've ever bought (house and cars excluded).  The room needs a little (lot) of tweeking still but I like them a lot!  As you can see they are red.  The fabric is a textured striped microfiber fabric and the sofa is a queen sleeper.  Hear that?!? We now have a bed for GUESTS!  Any takers?  The rest of the house is a mess but I have somewhere for you to sleep.  The only cost is to unpack a few boxes while you're here. :)

We've (well actually it has almost all been Josh) have also been painting the boys bedroom.  The boys picked out an "apple" green which is technically called asparagus.  I really like the color and can't wait until we can get their room pulled together.  We're looking for a bunk bed to go in there along with an Ikea Expedit bookshelf and a dresser. 
Okay, the picture doesn't do the paint color justice.  It's an almost electric green.  There is a lot of intensity to it.  The boys love it and I'm very happy with the color.  Now that we've gotten our feet wet with the painting we are getting ready to tackle the big main floor room and the family room down stairs (with the couches). Oh boy oh boy!


Anna said...

Spring! Love it! And your furniture looks so nice (I look at it a think "Sarah") and I love your fireplace. It looks so cozy and I'm ready to come right now!

Charis said...

Yeah! I so wish I could come out. . . wish probably more than anything, except that this silly baby would come out. maybe sometime soon. but probalby for sure not soon enough to help unpack. sorry, i would have loved to.