Thursday, February 25, 2010

Final Walk Throuh Complete

Yesterday we all went to THE house -OUR HOUSE- for the final walk through before closing ToMoRrOw.  Other than a lot of snow still in the driveway the house looked perfect and I am getting so excited that it is going to be ours.

We had told Sam that we were going to our house, and he had been there before when we did the inspections last month, but when we got inside he came up to me and told me with a concerned look that the house was Patrick's (our real estate agent).  The poor kid is so confused.  For a while he kept thinking that our house was going to be next to Grammies house, now our house is Patrick's, and I'm afraid what's going to happen when we have to switch wards again.

The kids were right at home running amuck in an empty house.  The quickly took off their socks and shoes.  A while later we heard them yelling somewhere in the house, nothing out of the ordinary but it went on long enough that Josh eventually went to check it out..  He found the boys stuck in one of the closets together.  Apparently they weren't distressed about being stuck but Elijah accusingly asked if we had heard them yelling and why we didn't come to help.  Hmm... I wonder why?

Anyway, enough babble.  I've got more pictures to share.  (They were taken pretty quickly beause I forgot my spare battery charging at home so some of them aren't very good.)

View from front door with sliding door in back and the front door with stairs down to FR

Kitchen bar with dinning area in corner and view from sliding door
Lower level family room

Master Bedroom with double doors and lower level bedroom
Other two upstairs bedrooms

I've got so many plans buzzing around in my head.  I can't wait to actually spend some real time in the house plotting it all out.  First things to tackle are the window coverings!


Jean said...

Oh, Sarah, what a dream come true! Are you able to sleep at night or are you awake making plans? Congrats on your other news too. We are so thrilled for you!

Anna said...

What a great house! I love all the windows!

The Fullmers Four said...

Oh, I am so excited for you! The inside looks so nice, and big, and open. Hurray!!

Quinn and Ashley said...

Sarah! Oh man this is beautiful! I am so excited for you! 4 bedrooms.... dare I say... craft room!??! YEAH!

Charis said...

YEAH! so I am a bit confused. . . is the kitchen on the left immidiately as you walk in? I am excited to come visit. The debate is on, disney land for 2011 or Josh and Sarah's!?! it might be disneyland, because I won't be pregnant, and you have to go to disneyland when you aren't pregnant, but then out to Josh and sarah's in 2012. . . that is a long time away, but we will come sometime I am sure!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! YEAH! congratulations! looks like fun.

Susan said...

woohoo! House!! What a beautiful home!