Friday, February 26, 2010

Background on the/*my* House

It occured to me last night while I couldn't sleep that I didn't give much information about the house.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, but they were small and a bit confusing.

The house is a 1970 split-level in an older established neighborhood with mature trees including a bunch on our lot.  Last year the house went into forclosure and was bought by a real estate investor who completely renovated it and put it back on the market.  All the flooring, paint, doors, windows, lighting, appliances, granite counters, furnace, etc are brand new which is rare in a home in our price range.  I'm very excited to have a clean slate to start with.  Another thing that really was appealling about the house were the schools.  I have heard nothing but good things about the elementary school which is within walking distance of the house. 

As for the layout, the main level is completely open.   When you enter the front door there are stairs down to the family room and up to the bedrooms on your right.  The kitchen sink and refrigerator are on the left on the same wall as the front door, there is a back door to the carport by the fridge, and the stove is on that far left wall.  Directly across the room from the front door is a massive sliding door that opens to the deck and backyard.  I love all the large windows in the house (once I tackle all the window coverings).  All of them are practically floor to ceiling. 

By far the biggest challenge for this house will be STORAGE.  There is practically none and I've been aware of this from the beginning.  It's going to take a lot of planning and creativity to solve but I'm excited for the challenge.

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Susan said...

It sounds like it will be the perfect house for you guys!! yay!! our house has a similar story - it was a foreclosure that was then bought by an investor and spruced up.... as a result, it was also one of the better looking homes and better upgraded homes among those in our price range - I'm seriously jealous of all the full grown trees you have! hard to find those around here... unless you want a full grown saguaro cactus in your front yard. ;)