Monday, August 10, 2009

The Long Awaited Beach Party

Elijah has become quite a party planner. If you have talked to him recently he has probably talked you ear off about plans for his beach party. He has been talking about it since April planning games, invitations, decorations and even the food.

While we were in Utah we finally had the long awaited and anticipated Beach Party. Elijah was in heaven. I don't think he was disappointed. Thanks Mom for all your help!
First we all got dressed for the occasion. Even Abby the dog got her hula skirt on.

Then it was on to the games. Thanks to pandora we were able to find some good hula songs. Bekah and Rachel taught my boys how to dance. We also played
coconut bowling (which turns out to be a good way to crack a coconut), musical towels (where you lay out the towls on the grass and walk around while the music is going and when it stops you race to find a towl to sun bathe on), water gun fight, and beach volleyball.

After the fun and games it was time to light the VOLCANO Cake. This was a big part of Elijah's initial plans. I have seen many pictures of volcanos over the past few months. Grammie and Elijah made it together with some help from Sam. It was a white cake with pineapple added, cooked in a bunt cake pan. Chocolate frosting turned it into a dirty mountain and white frosting dyed red and orange became the lava. A bunch of candles in the middle and we had an erupting volcano cake. Elijah was very proud of the end result.

Elijah is already throwing around ideas for the next party. He hasn't settled on a paticular theme yet but I'm sure he will soon enough. My kid knows how to PARTY!


Jean said...

What a fun party! Eligah needs to help Aunt Anna plan her wedding reception or at least a shower. The cake was amazing.

Celeste said...

what a fun idea! it sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together! I need to take up these ideas and do them with my famiy!!

Bekah said...

thats cute. Elijah had begon talking abot a racecar party with a red race car cake good luck mom!
your loving little sister Rebekah