Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How could I forget?

I forgot to mention two big milestones that are going on right now. Elijah is learning how to read and Sam is potty training!

Elijah is having a lot of fun learning to read. He has a chart that he puts stickers on as he finishes a book. I went out and got him a prize for when he finishes the chart. He wanted Star Wars Legos. It is so hard to believe that he is bridging into Star Wars and Legos. Those are things for big boys. I guess my little boy is growing up. He can't open the box until he finishes his reading chart but that doesn't stop him from playing with them. He will play with the box making shooting noises and fly it around the house. He's a pretty silly kid with a good imagination.

Potty training Sam has been a night and day difference than Elijah. There hasn't been any fighting, crying, screaming, etc. that was part of the LONG potty training saga of Elijah (oh the nightmares!). Part of it is that I have learned to be more patient and part of it is just Sam. He's doing pretty well though we are still a ways from declaring him potty trained. His big triamph was going poops in the potty last night! The thought of no more diapers is so exciting!

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