Thursday, July 16, 2009

Utah Adventures

I've made it back to Colorado and tomorrow I fly to Minnesota to visit my grandma.

I promised pictures of our family picnic on Saturday (the day Anna and Bryce got engaged). There is a picnic area up Spanish Fork Canyon, down Diamond Fork where there are a lot of red rocks similar to the ones Josh and I saw in Southern Utah last year on our trip to Escalante. They are very stunning and the boys had a grand time climbing around. Sam has no fear, he was very confident climbing all over the rocks, taking no thought of possibly falling.

Group shot on a ledge

Anna and Bryce

We found a catepillar on the sandy ground. The boys were facinated with it.

After it got dark we started a fire and made smores. Mat and his friend Cassie made a massive smore with four or five layers of grahm crackers.

It was a great family outing. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Josh there with us.

Yesterday my boys had great fun playing around in my parents yard. They enjoy jumping in the trampoline and playing in the tree house. My mom was going through the house trying to find stuff that the boys would like in the tree house. She ended up taking out a table and chairs and some snacks for the boys. They loved it. I went out and got some pictures and while I was down there I made sure to get some pictures of the MASSIVE slugs living under a cardboard box at the foot of the tree. We are talking MASSIVE! I've seen pictures of banana slugs and sea slugs and those are very big, but I have never seen just an average slug the size of Sam's shoe. I was amazed. Odd things hang out in the woods around my parents house.


Celeste said...

oh my goodness!! I can't believe that she is engaged either. Are we really that old. That is supper fun. Tell your family hi for me. Maybe one day I will get to see them again!!

Charis said...

Ok. . . so the wierdest feeling of jealousy just shot through me, as I discovered that anna being engaged means that my cute nephews now have one more uncle. . . odd I know. . . don't get me wrong I am very happy and excited for anna. . . don't ask me why I am jealous of such a thing. . . human emotions are just bizarre and some what unexplainable. . . at least to me. I love your boys.