Sunday, July 19, 2009

Josh's Hat

Josh and I got to spend the day together on Thursday. We went up to Estes Park to play around and then to Loveland to catch Harry Potter at the movie theater. I had promised Josh a hat for our anniversary. He wanted a fishing/hiking hat with a wider brim but I was too chicken to pick one out without his help so we were on a mission while in Estes Park to find a hat. After trying on a gazillion hats Josh finally decided on one that inspires him to sing the Indiana Jones theme song. It is a rather nice looking hat though I don't have a picture of it. I did get a shot of Josh in another hat that he wasn't interested in buying but humored me enough to try it on.
Josh with a full head of hair complete with highlights. Isn't he handsome!

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Jean said...

Yes he is! I had to try out my new google identity. Oh I miss you girl! I truly enjoyed you visit, Sarah. I stand amazed at your accomplishment. Thank you for being our family historian. Love you.