Sunday, October 26, 2014

Summer's Farm Festival and Corn Maze

Josh has been working overtime for the last several weeks in order to meet a deadline on October 15th.  Well, he made it so I convinced him to take Friday off (heck, he'd already put the hours in), the boys didn't have school and we all went for a family day to a farm in Frederick.  We arrived to a crazy zoo and almost went home because of the line just to get in.  But luckily we stuck it out and had a wonderful afternoon.  It was great to spend time together as a family on a beautiful fall day.
King of the hay bales!

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner the maze included the American Flag, Fort McHenry, and fireworks.  We had the hardest time getting out of Fort McHenry.  After that I cheated and pulled out my phone for this picture to use as a map.  (Don't judge, I have small kids that can't live in a maze indefinitely)

Sam left a trail of corn kernels behind us through the maze.  Didn't exactly help us.

attempt at a family picture.  Ben didn't want to cooperate.  Typical

Elsa suffered the major tragedy of the maze.  She found the biggest mud hole and slipped into it entirely.  Of course the diaper bag was in the car so we resorted to using corn husks to wipe her (and Josh) down.  This is the aftermath.  She was quite a trooper though!

We spent an hour+ in the corn bin (think sand box but with dried corn kernels).  The kids had a blast and Josh and I got to kick back and just soak it all in. 

but also join in burying Elijah. 

This is one of the two HUGE slides they had.  The kids loved them.  Ben was a little cautious at first but warmed up quickly.  Elsa just couldn't get enough.

We ended up staying at the farm for almost 5 hours (really?) but we couldn't leave without seeing the animals.  A kind lady gave us the end of her feed cup, but by that time most of the animals had had their fill of feed.  That didn't stop Elsa and Ben from trying (and trying and trying).  Elsa particularly love it.

They had two alpacas, both with crazy hair cuts :) And the best photo opportunity I MISSED!  Apparently Elsa went up to the goat and kissed it on the nose.  Can you tell she had a wonderful time?!?

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