Monday, July 22, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Sam had is Kindergarten Graduation on June 6th.  I can't believe that my little man has completed kindergarten and will soon be a 1st grader.  Looking back at his preschool pictures, he has really grown so much in this last year.  He loved his teacher, Mrs. Lesinski, and his classmates and will miss them over the summer.
Sam was so proud of his program.  He was practicing the songs around the house for weeks.  He also was one of six or so speaking parts.  My Sam (who last year refused to read a scripture in primary) stood in front of all the kindergarten and all their parents and said a line into a microphone.  WOW! Proud mama moment.
Sam filed into his spot waiting for everyone to get on stage. 

Not of Sam, but can't resist cute Elsa waiting for the show to start

Sam found us in the full cafeteria. He waved and made funny faces at us through out the program.
And got waves back

Ben especially was excited to see Sam up on stage.
Sam exiting stage with his friend from preschool, Adrian C.  Sam picked out his clothes himself.  He wanted to look nice.

Isn't he a handsome big boy!  So proud of him!!!

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