Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's looking like our official Halloween will be rained out due to Hurricane Sandy but thankfully we got plenty of festivities in yesterday.  We went to the Baltimore ZooBoo and then also to our ward Trunk or Treat.  The boys got loads of candy and romped around in the costumes.  What more do they need?
My cute Yoda, Ewok, and R2D2
Apparently there is a scene in Star Wars where an Ewok hugs R2D2.  Sam insisted on doing that during the group pictures.  This is my camera shy man.  Go figure.

Sam as an Ewok
(he was kind enough to wear the costume I made last year for Elijah.  Thank you Sam!)

Elijah as R2D2
This was my big project.  Thought it would be easy but turned out to be a pain and a frustration.  Thank goodness for duct tape!  It's made out of a collapsible laundry basket (he can sit in it) and a whole lot of duct tape because I couldn't find a white nylon basket.  The helmet is a metal mixing bowl with a cardboard inset to fit Elijah's head (that took multiple tries to figure out). 
Mr. Ben was our little Yoda
He wore the robe basically for the pictures only.  The rest of the time he flat out refused to wear it.  The hat my sister made for him last year and thankfully it still fit him.  He happily wore it most of the day.

My cute sister Bekah as Link

My cute sister Rachel as a pirate

Ben enjoying the goods.  This is what Ben wore for all the festivities. He is quite possessive of his little bucket, "Mine".  I had to write his name on it so that he wouldn't get it confused with his brothers.  And yes he recognizes his name.

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